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Her hilarious and poignant exploits will have you eagerly awaiting each weekly chapter. Cutlass models included a convertible, two-door coupe and two-door hardtop. The standard Cutlass V-8 during 1964-67 was a 330-cid cast-iron design.

The first 4-4-2 performance package, available on Cutlass and two-door F-85 models, was released mid-1964. It included a four-barrel carburetor, four-speed stick and dual exhausts. An appealing facelift refreshed the Cutlass line for 1965, while the 4-4-2 package gained an exclusive 400 cid V-8-available with manual or automatic transmission. Sleek Cutlass offerings for 1966-67 shared their round wheelhouses with most Payday loans contemporary full-size Oldsmobiles.

The 1966 Cutlass line included a new and luxurious Supreme four-door hardtop. A full Supreme series followed for 1967, available with I-6 or V-8 payday loans no credit check. W-30, ensured the Cutlass 4-4-2 lived up to its "Civilized Supercar" reputation. Authentic 1964-67 Cutlass 4-4-2s are valuable muscle cars today, and any Cutlass of the period can be an engaging collector car.

Wheel Base: 115 in. We've been providing information and resources for the Oldsmobile G-Body community since 1998. We provide these services free of charge in the hopes of preserving this segment of the hobby. The main focus of this website is the Oldsmobile G-Body Mailing List which boasts several hundred members from around the globe.

We accept anyone with an interest in Oldsmobile intermediate cars built between 1978-1988. Ownership is payday loans no credit check a prerequisite for joining, just a desire to learn or contribute. This website is provided payday loans to our members and the public as a repository of the information that has culminated from the Mailing List. We hope that you find your stay here interesting and enjoyable. The Oldsmobile G-Body list was formed when G-Body traffic on the main Oldsmobile Mailing List became excessive.

It was thought that there was enough support for the G-Body group to form their own list, and we are proud to be one of the many Oldsmobile specific lists that have been born because of the popularity of the main Oldsmobile Mailing list, and its administrator, Greg Beaulieu. We've built something that we are proud of, and hope you enjoy the results of our work.

We also hope your time with us is entertaining and informative. Miller Mike Rothe Mark Tupper Bryceman's 442. This web site is not affiliated with General Motors or Oldsmobile. General Motors and Oldsmobile are trademarks of their respective companies. The owners and members of this site are not responsible for errors or inaccuracies.

On the one hand it is producing an increasing number of crazily powerful cars that bring high-speed driving within the reach of ever more people. On the other hand, it is trying to prepare itself for the day, not long from now, when driving on the road will not be entrusted to anything so fallible and clumsy as a human being. Soon car companies must decide how much resource to put into each of these diverging priorities.

Driving just for the fun of it will become a niche activity, something that a small number of die-hard motorists do on private land, far from lampposts and pedestrians. Everyone else will just want comfortable, safe, autonomous vehicles that do as they are told. We all know this is inevitable, the only uncertainty is how long it will all take. The car industry is no longer some great adventure into the unknown, because we know where it is heading.

In mid-20th century USA, however, there was new money, new technology, and endless confidence. The car industry was like Silicon Valley is today, selling products that offer a view into a previously unimaginable future, allowing the consumer to see far beyond the limits of his home town. General Motors was then the largest company in the world and throughout the 1950s it led the charge with a series of glitzy roadshows called Motorama, where it would show off all the latest Cadillacs, Buicks and Oldsmobiles, along with fancy prototypes and concept cars.

A new car launch in the car in the 1950s could create the same buzz as a new iPhone being unveiled today. But watching a striking new car like this being paraded along a catwalk cannot be compared to the sight of a middle-aged pluto-nerd holding up a phone that looks suspiciously like the one he showed us last time.

This car is a reminder not just of a golden age of motoring, but of a golden age full-stop. This was a time when you could get into a car and drive into the future, rather than watch it on a little screen. Achti30 Dec : 12:24WANTED!!. Ja 2kpl peruutusvalon laseja (39A SAE R 66), molemmat rikki.